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Hydrangea or Hortensia as I use to call it, is a perennial flowering bush native to southern and eastern Asia and the Americas.

The most popular variety, Hydrangea macrophylla bears large ball-shaped flower heads in pink, blue or purple shades depending on the pH-level and aluminum content of the soil.  The flower heads are carried at the end of the stems and are made up of numerous smaller individual flowers.


Hydrangea Crochet Pattern

Hydrangea flower

Crochet Hydrangea flower


How to Crochet a Hydrangea Flower?

Crochet Yarn

  • embroidery cotton colour A = pink, colour B = blue.

Crochet Hook

  •  2mm steel hook.

Details of components

  • 3 or 4 petal individual florets with a little ball in the centre.

Due to time constraints, I’ve made a only small number of individual crochet hydrangea flowers. You get the idea; if you’d like to make a big flower head, make as many individual flowers as you can and assemble the flower head.

We’ll make two styles of flowers: one with 3 petals and one with 4 petals. The instructions for the two styles are very similar, just the number of petals and size are different.

Crochet Pattern

dtr (double treble = Yarn over hook three times)

trtr (treble treble, or triple treble = Yarn over hook four times)

Crochet Hydrangea Flower (style 1)  – 2pcs.Hydrangea ball (style1)

Start: using 2mm hook and colour A or B make 1ch, and 1 clone knot

R1: make 3ch, join in ring with sl st keeping the knot in the middle of the ring, 1ch

R2: make 2sc in each ch = 6sc, join with sl st, 1ch

R3: (1sc, 7ch, 6 dtr cluster, 1picot, 7ch, 1sc in next sc) x 3 = 3 petals.

Hydrangea style1 petal Hydrangea style1 crochet floret

Crochet Hydrangeas Flower (style 2) – 3pcs.

Start: using 2mm hook and colour A or B make 1ch, and 1 clone knot

R1: make 4ch, join in ring with sl st keeping the knot in the middle of the ring, 1ch

R2: make 8sc in the ring, join with sl st, 1ch

R3: (1sc, 8ch, 6 trtr cluster, 1picot, 8ch, 1sc in next sc) x 4 = 4 petals.

Hydrangea style2 central ball Hydrangea (style2) crochet floret


I've assembled the flower head using a few twiggs and super glue. If you have time, why not make about 20 florets and assemble them. That will make a great flower head!


This is it!  The crochet Hydrangea flower is ready!

Hydrangea crochet pattern Hydrangea crochet pattern

All photographs and crochet patterns instructions are the copyright of Meli Bondre. All patterns are for your personal use only.

If you have stumbled upon this page and you haven't heard about the 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project, then feel free to check out the crochet patterns that I've designed so far!

Happy Crocheting!


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  1. Mariella says:

    this flower it’s fantastic! thanks for the pattern! I will do it very soon! kiss Mariella

  2. Olga says:

    Wonderful pattern! Thank you!

  3. Regan says:

    How do you make a clone knot? thanks

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  5. Katybeth says:

    I have done some searching on the clones knot that you used and i cannot find the exact pattern for that particular knot. is there a link that you know that best shows how to make that particular clones knot?

  6. Cindy Richards says:

    I love all your beautiful flower patterns. Thank you!

  7. keaelsa says:

    Are these flowers made with USA terms or UK terms. The flowers are so beautiful. Thank you

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  11. Joanna Sun says:

    Love all the patterns. They are so beautiful. Thanks for posting. Gonna share this crochet pattern tutorial with my friends.

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