CROCHET PATTERNS (Irish Crochet Flower Pattern #157 Daisy) – 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project

Irish Daisy crochet flower pattern

The following crochet flower pattern is an antique Irish crochet motif from Priscilla Irish Crochet Book No.1, published by The Priscilla Publishing Co., Boston, Massachusetts in 1912.

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I have already posted my version, and in this blog post I would like to point out some important facts to help you with achieving a flat crochet daisy.

How to Crochet Priscilla's Irish Daisy?

Daisy flower crochet pattern

Crochet Yarn and Hook

I have used a crochet cotton No. 5 – orange colour for the start-up circle and white colour for the petals, as well as for the padding cord. I have used a 1.75mm steel hook in my version presented in the photo above. You can see the 3D effect that the flower has, with petals closing in, so that the flower looks more like a bud.

Priscilla's daisy lays flat, no 3D effect at all. I order to achieve the flat look, an important step is choosing the materials. You should choose a crochet cotton No. 70 for the crochet cotton and a No. 10 for the padding cord. Don't forget, the bigger the number, the thinner the yarn. For the hook, choose a very fine one, like 1mm or 0.6mm.

Crochet Flower Pattern

Prepare a 2-strand padding cord by folding in half a piece of crochet cotton yarn No. 10.

p c = padding cord

d c = double crochet in UK terminology (sc in US terminology)

The original instructions follow below:

The trick is working the stitches: 1 d c in each of 8 d c. While the stitches close to the ring have to be worked tight, the last 3-4 stitches should be progressively worked looser and then continue with the sticthes on cord alone. Make sure that you also flatten the petals by hand as you continue with the next petal.

Another suggestion is to draw a template of the daisy on a sheet of paper scaled at the dimensions indicated by the starting circle and the first petal. Continue drawing the 11 petals around the central circle and this step will give you an indication on how loosely you need to work the stitches.

After the 12 petals are done and you joined the first and the last with sewing thread, you will need to block/press the motif.

Priscilla's book is giving the following instructions as regards to pressing the motifs:

  • smooth the motif and lay it face downwards upon a very soft ironing board
  • lay a wet piece of cloth upon it and press it with a hot iron
  • while still steaming, lift the cloth and and use the iron directly upon the piece.

Last step is crocheting a small ring and sew it in the centre of the flower.

Small Ring

Wind the padding cord 7 times around a match, join in the working yarn by winding it around 5-6 times over the cord, slip off the loops and cover the ring with 20sc.


A flat crochet daisy…

If you have stumbled upon this page and you haven't heard about the 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project, then feel free to check out the crochet patterns that I've designed so far!

Happy Crocheting!


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9 Responses to CROCHET PATTERNS (Irish Crochet Flower Pattern #157 Daisy) – 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project

  1. beckie says:

    Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! I love what you did with your flower and that is how all of mine are turning out lol. However, I need them to be flat also.I am certainly going to try this. I tend to crochet really tight so I guess I’ll have to loosen up a little lol. Thank you for taking the time to post this for me.

  2. Camelia says:

    You’re welcome, Beckie!

  3. Anna says:

    Brilliant, love it. Also looking forward to all your future projects! 🙂

  4. Lori Shaw says:

    Yea! I’ve missed you and your patterns! Glad to have you back! And also glad you chose this flower; I have a copy of this book and have tried this flower with much difficulty. Looking forward to trying your version. Thanks! Lori Shaw

    • Camelia says:

      Thanks, Lori.

      It’s kind of hard to get back into it. I’ll have to figure out some kind of new routine. 

      X C

      • Lori Shaw says:

        I know what you mean about getting back into the routine. I crocheted flowers furiously even before I discovered your blog and…I must admit I have put it aside for now and am currently crocheting hat blanks to place the flowers on. Your patterns are just too awesome though! I was very excited when I first stumbled upon your blog. I showed my husband your patterns and he thought your crochet flowers looked better than the real life ones! I couldn’t believe you had even made a pattern for our Texas Bluebonnet! Thanks again for giving all us crocheters something to aspire to! You’re awesome!

  5. judy sutton says:

    where can i find this flower book? i make crochet flowers to sell too, roses

  6. I love the makeover of a vintage design you have inspired me to pick back up my hook and make new dimensional flowers to my fiber art work. Thank you.

  7. Anne says:

    I’m a bit confused. I LOVE the 3-D version of this daisy — but I’m not sure whether the pattern will result in a “flat” flower or the 3-D one. The 3-D version is beautiful !!! Thank you for your reply.

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