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Greater Stitchwort or Stellaria holostea is a perennial wildflower you can find on road sides and moorlands in Europe, including Ireland. The flowers are small, 2 cm wide with 5 snow-white deeply cleft petals.


Greater Stitchwort Crochet Flower

Great Stitchwort photo

Great Stitchwort crochet flower

How to Crochet a Greater Stitchwort Flower?

Crochet Yarn

  • Crochet cotton thread Size #10 colour A = white
  • Sewing thread colour B = yellow, colour C = green.

Crochet Hook

  •  1mm steel hook.

Details of components

  • five white petals split to about half way down
  • green ball-shape stigma, yellow stamens all around the central stigma.

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crocheted StigmaGreat Stitchwort crochet stigma

Start: using 1mm hook and 2 ends of colour C make 5ch, skip 1st ch, make 3sl st, 4sc in next ch, join with sl st, 1ch

R1: make 8sc in the ring, join with sl st, 1ch

R2: 8sc, join with sl st, 1ch

R3: (skip 1sc, make 1sc)x4 = 4sc, continue with skip 1sc, make 1sc. Fasten off C.

Crocheted Corolla

Start: using 1mm hook and colour A make 7ch, join with sl st, 1ch

Great Stitchwort crochet petals

R1: 9sc in the ring, join with sl st in the second ch from start of row, 1ch

R2: (14ch, skip 3ch, make (1dc, 1tr) in next ch, 1tr in next ch, 4dc, 1hdc, do not turn, continue with 11ch, pivot, skip 3ch, make (1dc, 1tr) in next ch, 1tr in next ch, 4dc, 1hdc,

1tr in the next ch (catch the top loop of the hdc, to keep the two sides together), 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc, and in the ring make 1sl st in the next sc, 1sl st in the next sc) x 5 = 5 petals. Continue with petal edge.


Petals Edge

Great Stitchwort corolla with edge

[(2sc, 5hdc, 4sc, 10sl st) = one side of the petal, (10sl st, 4sc, 5hdc, 2sc) = on the other side, 1sc in the st between petals] x 5. Fasten off.

Fasten off A.


Stamens & Assembly

Cut 10 pieces of colour C, 2 inches long. Make a knot at each end. Thread them half way in R1 of the corolla, and tie a knot. Stitch the stigma to the ring and the flower pattern is ready.



This is it!  The crochet Stitchwort flower is ready!

Greater Stitchwort crochet flower Greater Stitchwort flower pattern

All photographs and crochet patterns instructions are the copyright of Meli Bondre. All patterns are for your personal use only.

If you have stumbled upon this page and you haven't heard about the 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project, then feel free to check out the crochet patterns that I've designed so far!

Happy Crocheting!


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