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The Black Orchid (Prosthechea cochleata), or the Cockle-Shell Orchid, the national flower of Belize, Central America is a medium sized orchid with a unique shape and colour.

Its long-lasting flower has 3 light green sepals and 2 petals dangling like octopus tentacles. The big lip covers the central column like a hood and has a striped lime and deep purple pattern. The flower resembles the clam shell due to its shape and the striped pattern, therefore its Cockle-Shell Orchid name.


Black Orchid Crochet Flower Pattern

Black Orchid Flower

Crochet Black Orchid

How to Crochet a Black Orchid Flower?

Crochet Yarn

  • Sewing thread colour A = light green, colour B = yellow
  • crochet cotton colour C = dark purple.

Crochet Hook

  •  1mm steel hook, 2mm steel hook.

Details of components

  • green central column and yellow polen
  • 5 long and twisted green sepals and petals
  • 1 big labellum, clam shell shape and with a striped green & purple pattern.

Crochet Pattern

The Black Orchid Crochet Flower Pattern

Black Orchid closeup  Crochet Black Orchid

 The Black Orchid Crochet Flower Pattern is available for purchase in: 

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If you have stumbled upon this page and you haven't heard about the 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project, then feel free to check out the crochet patterns that I've designed so far.

Happy Crocheting!


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