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Another flower from my garden is Hypericum. This shrub is quite a popular choice when you need an undemanding plant which can cheer up a dull spot with its bright yellow flowers for the whole summer.

Today, I’m going to perform an experiment. I intend to use parts of the real flower such as stamens and stalk and put it all back together with the crochet stigma and petals. I know that the petals last very little after you cut the flower, but have no idea how long will the stamens last. And the stamens are the most beautiful part of the flower! So, I’d like to keep them.


Hypericum Crochet Pattern

Crochet Hypericum

How to Crochet a Hypericum Flower?

Crochet Yarn

  • embroidery cotton (6 strands) colour A = yellow, colour B = green
  • sewing cotton thread colour C = yellow.

Crochet Hook

  •  1mm steel hook, 2mm steel hook.

Details of components

  • large 5-petal flower
  • raised tubular stigma starting with a cone at base
  • a big bunch of yellow stamens resembling a pom-pom surrounding the stigma.

Crochet Pattern

Crocheted StigmaHypericum stigma

Start: using C and 1mm steel hook make 3ch, join in ring with sl st, 1ch; continue working in round

R1: 3sc in the ring, join with sl st, 1ch

R2: 3sc, join with sl st, R3: same

R4: make 2sc in each of the 3sts = 6sc, join with sl st, 1ch

R5: 6sc, join with sl st

R6: make (1sc in next sc and 2sc in next sc) x 3 = 9sc, join with sl st, 1ch

R7: 9sc, join with sl st

R4: make (1sc in each of next 2sc and 2sc in next sc) x 3 = 12sc, join with sl st, 1ch

R5: 12sc, join with sl st. Finish off colour C.

Petals (5pcs.)

Start: using A and 2mm hook make 1och, join in ring with sl st, 1chHypericum petal

R1: (RS) 3sc in ring, 1ch

R2: (WS) inc 1sc, 2sc, 1ch

R3: 3sc, inc 1sc, 1ch

R4: (WS) inc 1sc, 4sc, 1ch

R5: 2sts-sc dec, 3sc, inc 1sc, 1ch

R6: (WS) inc 1sc, 5sc, 1ch

R7: 7sc, 1ch

R8: inc 1sc, 6sc, 1ch

R9: 2sts-sc dec, 6sc, 1ch

R10: 5sc, skip last 2sc, 1ch

R11: 3sc, 2sts-sc dec, 1ch. Continue with 10 sl st on the edge of petal going down towards the ring = 1 petal.

Repeat R1-R11 4 times to make another 4 petals.


Carefully remove the stigma and the petals from the flower. Glue the crochet stigma in place and pull the petals’ ring over the sepals.


This is it!  The Crochet Hypericum Flower is ready!  I’m very curious to see how long the sepals will last. I’ll let you know, anyway.

Crochet Hypericum closeupCrochet Hypericum Flower

All photographs and pattern instructions are the copyright of Meli Bondre. All patterns are for your personal use only.

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Until tomorrow, I wish you all: Happy Crocheting!


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  1. Lindsey Cleveland says:

    I tried several times to download the app and was sent to a site that had something to do with hotels.

    • Camelia says:

      Hi Lindsey,

      the app you’re talking about is not part of my stuff. It’s a Google Adsense ad. I don’t have any downloadables on my blog posts, unless you buy a pattern from the store.

  2. Kayla says:

    I am curious about using the actual sepals from the actual flower rather than making it out of some thread or wiring. Is there something we can do that will be for sure to last a long period of time that would maybe work just as well. I really loved the idea and the pictures, but I don’t want to make this and give it away if it won’t look the same after a month or two goes by. If you can let me know I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. Rita says:

    hi I came across your patterns and they’re lovely now I was looking at hypericum flower I can t see were the green colour goes and the stigma from rnd7 it goes to rnd4 and the stamens am I missing something thanks I crocheted some of your flowers and they came out beautiful

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