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New Zealand Christmas Bush crochet pattern

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Starting from today, I have the privilege to collaborate with Louise Docker on the Flower Project. Louise is an Australia-based photographer and her speciality is macro photography. Her work has been featured in many printed and online publications. Check out her amasing photos on  or on Louise Docker Photography Facebook page!

The New Zealand Pohutukawa Tree flowers (Metrosideros excelsa)  she posted on her wall is the inspiration for my next pattern. Better known as NZ Christmas Bush, the Pohutukawa Tree is an evergreen shrub with grey leaves and a dense cluster of red brush-like flowers.

The photo shows the flowers in the bud stage, the silver grey sepals covering the petals almost entirely and that is what the pattern will represent as well.


New Zealand Christmas Bush Flower Crochet Pattern

New Zealand Christmas Bush crochet pattern


Yarn: kid mohair yarn in colour A= light grey, colour B= green and kid mohair & silk mix yarn colour C= red/pink

Wire (3pcs.) : 1pc. 20cm, 1pc. 9cm, 1pc. 6cm. The wires need to be bent at 90degree angle, about 1cm for the shorter wires and 3cm for the long wire.

NZ Christmas Bush materials

Crochet hook: 2.5mm

Details of components:

– a stem (colour A) branching into 3 perpendicular shorter stems

– a cluster of flower buds (colour A, B C) arranged on each of the short stems


Main Stem

Using A and 2.5mm hook, make 4ch, join with sl st and using the long wire as a core continue in round with sc until the length of the 20cm wire is covered. Finish off.

For the shorter stems proceed in the same way working the required length.

NZ Christmas Bush stem

Flower Bud (9pcs.)


–         Using A and 2.5mm hook, make 3ch and join with sl st, 1ch

–         Work 2 rounds = 6sc, then work 2sc in each of the top 3sc = 6sc, increase again by working ((1sc, 1sc), 1sc)x2, (1sc, 1sc)x2  = 10sc; work (1 picot, 2 sl st)x5. Finish off.

Red Centre:

R1: Using B and 2.5mm hook, make 3ck, join with sl st

R2: make 6sc in the ring, join with sl st, continue in round

R3: increase by working ((1sc, 1sc), 1sc)x3 = 9sc; R4: same

R5: decrease to 6sc

R6: decrease to 3sc and finish off the ball.

Insert the red ball into the flower bud, cover slightly with the picot edge and stitch with colour C.

NZ Christmas Bush buds NZ Christmas Bush buds

After all elements are done, group 3 flowers and stitch them together to the end of the steam. Stitch the short stems to the main stem, after inserting and bending the wire aligning it to the main stem’s wire.

NZ Christmas Bush buds NZ Christmas Bush buds

And here it is our creation!

NZ Christmas Bush crochet pattern New Zealand Christmas Bush crochet pattern

 All photographs and pattern instructions are the copyright of Meli Bondre. All patterns are for your personal use only.

Happy Crocheting!



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4 Responses to CROCHET PATTERNS (Flower Crochet Pattern #5 New Zealand Christmas Bush) – 365 Flower Bouquet Project

  1. Cindy says:

    Beautiful. Thank you

  2. meli_b says:

    This is a very unusual flower. For now it is only just a beautiful crochet flower, but I wish I’d see it for real.

  3. gnu61 says:

    Hi from a Kiwi! This we usually call Christmas Tree, rather than bush, also these are only the buds, the flower bloom is brush like resembling gum flowers, or fluffy balls! However, I like this look, thanks for highlighting one of our flowers,

  4. camelia says:

    You’re right, the flower blooms are really amasing. I wanted to stay close to the flower buds in Louise’s photo, but will definetely make the full bloom one day 🙂

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