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Gardeners say that the Crucifix Orchid (Epidendrum ibaguense), a reed-stem epidendrum, is one of the easiest to grow Orchid. I’d love to get one and grow it as an indoor plant. I wonder if that would work. The plant has long lasting flowers appearing in globular heads of 30 to 40 flowers at a time with a bright, vivid colour (a purple hybrid in Louise’s photo).


Crucifix Orchid - Copyright Louise Docker Photography

Crucifix Orchid Crochet Pattern

 Crucifix Orchid crochet pattern


Yarn: tapestry cotton colour A= purple,  colour B= white, colour C= yellow

Crochet hook: 2.5mm

Details of components:

–         5 purple sepals held flat

–         the lip is a long tube projecting from the centre of the flower; it bears three fringed lobes, resembling a cross.


Start: using A and 2.5mm hook, make 5ch, join in ring with sl st, 1ch

R1: 10sc in ring, join with sl st

R2: (7ch, turn and make 1sc, 2hdc, 3dc; we are at the ring now, skip 1st and join sepal with base using 1sl st) x5 = 5 sepals.


Central Tube

Using a 1mm hook, pick up stitches on top of ring: make 6sc, join with sl st, 1ch

Continue working in round for about 1.5cm (about 20sc).


After finishing the tube continue with: 

R1: make 3ch, 1tr, 1dtr, 1tr in next st, make 4ch and join to the cylinder with sl st = left hand side petal is finished; change to B, cut off A, make 1ch and sc in the next 2sc of the tube, 1ch, turn work

R2: change to C and make 3sc; change back to B and cut off C, join middle petal with left hand side petal using sl st (see below in the photo), 1ch, turn work

R3: 1sc, 1ch, 1tr, 1ch, 1sc, change to A and finish off B, turn work

R4: 5sc, 1ch, turn work

R5: (1picot, 1dc, 1picot), (1tr, 1picot, 1dtr, 1picot, 2sl st on edge of dtr), (1dc, 2ch, 1picot, 1sl st), (1tr, 1picot, 1dc, 1picot, 2ch), join to petal using sl st; continue with 2 sl st going down on edge of petal = middle petal is finished; continue with right hand side petal and working in a st of the central tube, make: 1dc, 1tr, 1dtr, 1tr, 3ch, join to tube using sl st. Finish off A. Hide tails.

Shape up petals and the orchid is ready!

Crucifix Orchid crochet pattern Crucifix Orchid crochet pattern

All photographs and crochet patterns instructions are the copyright of Meli Bondre. All patterns are for your personal use only.


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11 Responses to CROCHET PATTERNS (Pattern #28 Crucifix Orchid Flower) – 365 Flowers Bouquet Project

  1. MarieKay says:

    These flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Katerina says:

    Again: You are incredible!!!! I’d love for you to make a big magnolia flower!!!! Would you pleaseeeee?????

  3. Katerina says:

    I will send you one ASOP!!!!!

  4. Liz says:

    breathaking, I have added you to my favs for sure and plan to return often to see what you have up new, thank you so much,

    • Camelia says:

      Thanks, Liz. I’d suggest you subscribe to my posts. You’ll find your way back much quicker if you’d follow the links in the mails.

  5. Judith H says:

    Camelia, you are a genius! I just discovered your place tonight and I have just been stunned with all the beauty from this wonderful 365 crocheted flower project. Quite frankly, this is truly my idea of heaven on earth. So far, I’ve only been through the June flowers tonight, and I can’t hardly wait to see what I discover in the other months. Who would ever guess that there is a crocheted pattern for the Bird of Paradise flower? Okay, I need to stop now…I’ve been drooling over my computer so long I’m afraid I’m going to short out my keyboard! Thank you and the others for your project!

    • Camelia says:

      You’re welcome, Judi.

      Happy crocheting and many thanks for your support :-)!


    • Kathy M says:

      I couldn’t have said it better! Judith I agree with you that Camelia is a genius! Camelia thank you for sharing with us your hard work and talent! Your work truly beautifies the world!

  6. Suzanne Brownrigg says:

    Thank you so much for the patterns, you are so kind.

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