365 Crochet Flower Bouquet Project

The Flower bouquet is going to be a 365 days project. My intention is to post flowers & leaves patterns, one crochet/knit pattern a day for an entire year. This will be a huge commitment, because until now my posts were so … inconsistent.

First day of the project will be Friday, 1st June 2012. I’m not sure yet how am I going to work it out, whether I will create the patterns all by myself, or collect some from other sources and present them to you. I’m actually not worried about it, because… this is my forte 🙂 I love solving problems.

Flower Bucket

365 Flower Bouquet Project

 Wish me good luck! I wonder …  will I be able for it? I look forward to it, anyway!

So, we’ll see you again in 3 days time!

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3 Responses to 365 Crochet Flower Bouquet Project

  1. Patricia says:

    Hello, i am from holland en i like this flowers
    But can you tell how to make a green steel ( i am not so good in englisch) on t sohis flowers so i can put them in a vaas.
    A lot off greatings

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