Anybody likes Maths?

I do crafts for living for some time now. So, what is my hobby, then? Probably, you’ll be stunned by my answer…
I love maths and I love giving maths grinds. I don’t have a maths degree, and I don’t teach in schools, but I just can’t get enough of it, so I give maths grinds. These days, the Irish students are in full exams, and Paper 2 in Maths is coming up tomorrow.

Real Case Scenario: A student doing his Junior Cert at ordinary level, started taking grinds after the Christmas Exams and was pretty demoralised and in a bad stage 🙁 . Today, after our last session, he told me smiling that he looks forward to taking honours levels in his Maths Leaving Cert. Wow! I was surprised and so delighted! I made this happen… 🙂 gave him belief that he can do it. Pretty amasing… I think!

So, what is your hobby? Tell me about it…

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