CROCHET FLOWER PATTERNS – 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project

Welcome to 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project!

I set myself a big challenge – design and post instructions for 365 crochet patterns inspired by flowers.

Designing a pattern for a flower is a long process – it starts with research on the geographical region where it originates, research on the anatomy of the plant, finding royalty free photos that I could use on the website. After the research step is done, the sketching comes next, then yarns and colours selection, and finally designing and crocheting the flower. The process is long, taking between 4 to 8 hours. I’ve posted the majority of the patterns for free, while the ones that took the longest time, I’ve posted them for sale. You will find these patterns following the link Buy Crochet Patterns.

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I spend lots of time selecting the next flower to become a crochet flower pattern and I found that photos are the best source of inspiration. Some of the flower photos were taken by Louise Docker, a truly gifted Australian-based macro photographer.Some were taken by viewers from Ravelry and Facebook and some by me. I always welcome suggestions, so please don’t be shy, drop me a message, tell me what is your favourite flower, or your state flower, or your national flower and I’ll get onto it.

I’ve also started a group on Ravelry and called it 365 Crochet Flowers Project , so if you’re interested in showing off your creations based on my patterns alongside other crochet enthusiasts, you are more than WELCOME TO JOIN!

You are welcome to crochet the flowers following the pattern instructions, but not to alter and/or sell the patterns.





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And if you’re interested in finding more about the designer behind this project, check out my main website. Meli Bondre is the name of the knitwear label I’ve launched not too long ago. I’ve designed the website initially to showcase my work, but due to increased number of enquiries, I’ve decided to include online shopping facilities for my two collections “Romancing the Lace” and “Meli Aran”.

So, until then, have a peek! Enter the world of Meli Bondre Luxury Knitwear and discover Meli knit & crochet lace fusion – an elegant, exquisite and feminine look!


Rhododendrum ponticum crochet flower


Daisy Flower


Rhododendrum Flower


Sticky Monkey crochet flower pattern Crochet Blue Vanda Orchid Rocky Mountains Zinnia crochet flower pattern


Sticky Monkey Flower


Blue Vanda Orchid


Rocky Mountains Zinnia


Hepatica nobilis crochet pattern Baneberry crochet flower pattern Blue Daisy crochet flower pattern


Anemone Hepatica




Blue Daisy

Himalayan Aster

Sophora tetraptera crochet pattern Canterbury Bells crochet flower pattern Okra crochet flower pattern


Kowhai flower


Canterbury Bells



Lady Tulip crochet pattern Christ plant crochet flower pattern Garden Hyacinth crochet pattern


Lady Tulip




Garden Hyacinth

Hibiscus crochet pattern Bleeding Heart crochet flower pattern Bleeding Heart leaf crochet pattern


Ruffled Hibiscus


Bleeding Heart


Bleeding Heart leaf

Silk Floss Tree crochet flower pattern detail Banksia crochet flower pattern Jack-in-the-pulpit crochet flower pattern


Silk Floss Tree


Matchstick Banksia



Iberian Geranium Sweet William crochet flower pattern Crochet California Poppy


Caucasian Crane’s-bill


Sweet William


California Poppy

Camellia japonica crochet flower pattern Plumeria crochet pattern Bougainvillea crochet flower pattern


Camellia japonica


Plumeria (Frangipani)



Polyanthus Gold Lace crochet flower pattern Centaurea cyanus crochet pattern Field-speedwell crochet flower pattern


Primula polyantha




Large Field-speedwell

Oakleaf Hydrangea crochet flower pattern Mountain Laurel flower bud crochet pattern Mountain Laurel crochet flower pattern


Oakleaf Hydrangea


Mountain laurel


Mountain laurel

Blue Violet crochet flower pattern Wood lily * Philadelphia lily crochet flower pattern Orange Crochet Gerbera detail


Blue Violet


Philadelphia lily


Orange Gerbera

Persian Cyclamen crochet flower pattern


Persian Cyclamen

Happy Crocheting!


130 Responses to CROCHET FLOWER PATTERNS – 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project

  1. Amy says:

    You are seriously amazing!!!! So very talented!! I wish I could do what you do. These are the best, most unique, realistic flowers ever. Keep them coming please!? U ROCK!!!!!!

  2. Hookie Mama says:

    The best ever crochet flower patterns I have ever seen and I am very familiar with patterns on the internet. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent.

  3. Camelia says:

    OMG, your comments are incredible! THANK YOU!
    My work is original, you’re right. I don’t look for inspiration other than the flower photos, so my take on these crochet patterns is completely new.
    I love this challenge!

    Thank you and come back again 😉

  4. Helene says:

    Omg just found this blog you are one talented lady i love to crochet but cannot for the life of me know how to design my own pattern. keep them coming they are fatastic

  5. Your work is so impressive. I simply love your flowers. Keep the project up, it’s amazing!

  6. Snowcatcher says:

    The directory is the perfect addition! Very well done! I don’t get to stop by every day, but I love poking through, seeing what you’ve been up to every time I do visit. Your flower designs are so lovely! Glad to see you’ve started a group on Ravelry, too!

  7. Lorene says:

    these are awesome…thanks so much…very beautiful flowers…

  8. Joan says:

    Yes, awesome is the word. So beautiful! Just lovely. Thank you, thank you. I’m inspired.

  9. Lydienne says:

    Thank you for this wonderful inspiration and ressource. Looking forward to a dandelion. ;o)

  10. Lydienne says:

    Oh, I meant snapdragon (wrong translation) …

  11. Annette says:

    You are truly an amazing person. I love all of your flowers.

  12. Joan says:

    I love all your flower designs! Could you make an Edelweiss?

  13. Odette says:

    Oh ! WOW ! these are truly beautiful; I just might take up your challenge ! will I be able to catch up ? I’ve been looking at all the beautiful colors of coton thread lately, you are giving me an excuse to buy some ! 😉
    Thank you for the patterns and I am looking forward to visiting the rest of your site.

  14. Deb says:

    I am old…. lol and not nimble with my fingers … cah t
    his work with a larger hook and yarn? Can they be made with fingering or sock yarn and what size hook. I do so uch want to make these flowers but there is no
    way I cand work with “tread”…. Do you prefer a certain brand of yarn and what kind in sock yarn for this project ? Thank u so much! Deb

  15. Deb says:

    oh my GOD… I sh ould have spell checked!

    • Camelia says:

      No worries, Deb 🙂 it happens to me soooo many times.

      What can I say about the yarns? Any yarns would do. Most of the patterns are written for lace weight type of yarns, so metal hooks should be anywhere between 1mm-2mm, even up to 2.5mm. If you use thicker yarns the only problem is the flowers might get too big.

      What I would do in your place, if time wouldn’t be an issue, I would follow the instructions as they are given, then decide whether I need to resize the pattern.

      Or, another idea is to use wool sock yarn and patterns as they are and then felt your flower. I hope this will help. Camelia

  16. Natalie says:

    What an awesome and ambitious project. I can’t wait to try some of these…thank you for sharing! Looking forward to watching the wonderful variety of flowers grow 🙂

    • Camelia says:

      Thank you, Natalie. Enjoy it!

      I’ve learned so many things about flowers in the past 100 days and have discovered so many I’ve never heard of. Nature’s most remarkable creations…


  17. snowbear says:

    you have some beautiful flowers. do you have a pattern for afirican violets

  18. Mindy says:

    I would love to see a Bluebonnet!

  19. patricia says:

    Hello, i have order pattern 127 but i can not downliad the pattern. The link does not excist.
    Greets from patricia

  20. Camelia says:

    Glad it’s sorted in the end. It would be great to see the flower when it’s ready 🙂 no pressure…

  21. sandra says:


  22. kavita says:

    You are geneous. thank you.

  23. Paula Johnson says:

    These floral creations are great!!! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  24. Jessie says:

    These crochet flowers are gorgeous, very very life-like. Thank you for sharing all of these 🙂 Are you gonna come out with a book of all these? 😉 I know I’d buy it and I wouldn’t be the only one, even though the patterns are for free to download here, you could make somethin off of these I bet. Thanks again!

    • Camelia says:

      Thank you, Jessie. I do love flowers ;-). I will publish a book at the end of the project and hope that many fans will buy it, even though most of the patterns are available for free on my blog.

      Thank you again and Happy Crocheting!


  25. Tatiana says:

    todo hermoso, la felicito, por este arte y habilidad que ud tiene para copiar de la naturaleza y crear estas maravillas en crochet. ¡¡¡NAMASTÉ!!!!

  26. diane says:

    You are truly amazing! I just don’t know where to start!

  27. Samirah A. says:

    This book would make a great gift and an easy reference.I’d loooove to buy this book!

  28. Evelyn says:

    Is this site still being updated?

  29. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Those flowers look so much like real ones! Thank God, for inspiring you to make these lovely creations! THANK YOU, for sharing them with the crocheters’ world!

  30. geetha sharma says:

    You are fabulous! It is so life like. I am a great crochet lover. Love making any thing in crochet.These flowers have helped me a lot.Thank you very much.

  31. Sonia says:

    You have a wonderful talent! I personally have been crocheting for over 10 years and I enjoy it fully! I just wanted to say you have inspired me. You have moved me so much that for my wedding, I’m going to crochet my bouquet of flowers. I have a few flowers patterns but I will be definitely use your patterns. When I finish I’ll be glad to send you a photo! Please keep posting those gorgeous creations!

  32. Sofia Blanco says:

    Thank you so much! Youpre so generous, i absolutly adore this patterns!.

  33. PhyllisAnn says:

    Thanks for sharing you creativity. I am working on the Calla Lily #44 for my daughter as she loves them. After completing that I am going to do up the Fuchsia #66 as that is one of my favs. Your generosity allows those of us who love to craft but are on very limited budgets the ability to try new crafting projects. You are a true crafter through and through….we all share our ideas and help other crafters as we can….keep up your beautiful work.

  34. yugandhara says:

    they are awesome. You have hust inspired me to work on flower each day. Here’s one site called flowersofindia which has some beautiful photographs of flowers along with information. looking forward for some new patterns from here. thank you

  35. Chrissie says:

    I am SOOO happy,I just found you! Crochet flowers are a passion of mine, and your creations are the BEST. Thank you! Wish you all the best.

  36. melanie says:

    I saw on a response you gave in October about publishing a book of all the designs at the end of the project. I think it’s a wonderful idea!! I will definitely be buying a copy when it’s done. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. You are an amazing designer. I love the mountain laurel pattern. It’s one of my favorite flowers but they only bloom a short time in the spring. Now I can make as many as I want and enjoy them all year long!! Thanks again for sharing!!

  37. Elizabeth Snelling says:

    I just find your blog and I must say your flowers are so pretty I can’t crochet that good but I am going to do my best to make some of these flowers because even thou I don’t crochet that good I still always try to make different things thank you so much for sharing I am glad you have free patterens because at least people wouldn’t couldn’t buy the book they can still get the patteren I know I would try my best to buy it but when you are on a fixed income it is kind of hard sometimes.

  38. shirley here………..did you ever consider putting all the flowers in a book???? i sure would buy it on the spot………….keep up the good work…., bakersfield, california. usa…………..

    • Camelia says:

      Yes, Shirley. I will do that. It will be a great resource.

    • PJ says:

      Hi Shirley
      PJ here I’m in Fresno California, not from you. I agree I would definitely purchase a book these are absolutely stunning. I’m amazed at the talent she has. I want to learn these techniques. Camelia is very generous and kind to share her patterns and talent with us.

  39. it’s me again. shirley………..i was able to print four of your patterns tonight………………tomorow i will start my journey into the wide world of flowers………….i’m so happy……….crocheting forever….well since age 10……………..bye for now………….so glad i found your web site………….goodnight.

  40. Camelia says:

    I hope you’ll manage to decipher the instructions, Shirley. Be patient and have fun!

  41. they are easy to work……..

  42. Hi Camelia, When I first met you I knew you would be a huge success – your on your way girl!!! I love the crochet flowers Shame I have only recently started crocheting – I would feel more confident doing some of the beautiful flowers but I am going to give them a go ! Well done brillant idea and fab patterns Mary Moynihan

  43. I love all your flowers, they are amazing!!!

  44. jane says:

    truly awesome; x

  45. still waiting for your newest set of flowers…………….shirley USA………..

  46. Terry says:

    Your patterns are all so beautiful! I’ve made several of them over the past few months and it was a fun project to work on during the bleak and cold winter months. I used a heavier yarn and larger hook so the scale is a bit different but stunning to all who have seen them. I plan to make a spring hanging ornament with some of them. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your patterns.

  47. elba says:

    Love the site.Was going crazy trying to find leaves and you can understand the pattern. Thank you for all the work on here.Beautiful..

  48. Sylvia Charlton says:

    Just found your blog through the ‘Grandmother’s Pattern Book’ email.
    These flowers are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.
    I am making seasonal wreaths for my front door so I am so happy I found you and your flowers.
    Still snowing here in Edmonton Alberta so I will keep busy crocheting away. Thanks again.

  49. Angie Robinson says:

    I’m blown away both by your amazing designs and your generosity in sharing them with us. Thank you for your beautiful gift!

  50. Gigi Lee says:

    I found you when I was looking at attic24 for inspiration. Your flowers are lifting my low spirits today. I have lost my confidence, I crochet hats and I attended a craft fair Saturday with no customers. That aside, you are amazing and so I thank you.

  51. Linne says:

    Narf77 from The Road to Serendipity referred me to your site. I’m SO impressed! Thanks for all the inspiration! ~ Linne

  52. shirley usa here, i guess your pretty busy…..when will we get a new flower???

  53. amy says:

    when will we see any new flowers?

  54. Fraukje says:

    Dear Camelia,

    Thank you so much for your lovely flower patterns!
    I absolutely love them!

    I have just started a approximately-one-flower-a-day project myself inspired by your blog, and will be making many of your flowers. I have just made the gerbera and iris, and am about to start on the magnolia.

    Please do continue with this project once you find the time.

    Fraukje, Holland

  55. oh yes please return to making flowers when you have some extra time…thank you shirley usa…

  56. Yvonne says:

    i would love to see a snapdragon and an indian paintbrush when you get back to making flowers!!
    thank you so much for the great patterns and easy to follow instructions!!
    keep up the GREAT work!!

  57. Lynn says:

    I just came across your blog by Face Book and what GORGEOUS FLOWERS !! They look just like the real flower WOW !! I am not yet the best at crocheting but these I will have to try !! Oh how beautiful they would all look in a big vase in the middle of the dinning table !! I am excited !!! Thanks you for sharing these beautiful creations !!!!

  58. shirley usa….still waiting………but no hurry………….

  59. shirley prigmore usa hi it’s me again. i have been working as many flowers as i can do each day….they are just soooooooooooooo beautiful….if you don’t mind i wish to make an afghan with mine….will probably take me a year or more to complete…. keep up the great eork……..shirley usa……….

  60. Colette says:

    Thank you so much for these patterns! I’m in the midst of planning my wedding and I really want to crochet my own bouquet so I dont have to deal with bees! Our ceremony will be outside so this is perfect. You are a godsend!

  61. Judi H says:


    I have been checking back here and am continually drooling over your beautiful works of art. I know that you may have gotten overloaded with all the work required in this project, but I hope you take the time to read some of these latest comments to you. You are so loved & admired & respected, Camelia, for your work by everyone who sees it….and those are only just the ones who comment. If the others are like me, they have drool puddles around their computers! Mostly I’m just writing to encourage you as you have taken on such a huge task…and to thank you for having shared some of the patterns, and for brightening our lives with these beautiful flowers. I hope all is well with you, Camelia.

    A crocheting buddy, Judi

  62. Marlene says:

    Your flowers are truly beautiful. I have been trying to find 3D flowers with not a lot of luck. It looks as though you have fulfilled my desire for crocheted flowers that are beautiful and easy to crochet

  63. Deidre says:

    Do you have Any Crochet patterns for all birth month flowers? I am on a Crochet wedding Bouquet, accessories, flower girl petals and decor hunt and would be glad to have all the pattern to the exact birth month flowers even alternative flowers for each month provided. Thank you for sharing you are a very talented person. Emil me if you have any suggestions for regarding me looking for birth month flower patterns. Happy crochet! 🙂

  64. dragonchick19 says:

    What is a clone knot

  65. Elina - Peggy McNeil says:

    Camelia” I have been enjoying your flower designs so much. I have been crocheting since I was 7 years old and am 74 years old. These designs give me so much pleasure and I have used them for jar covers for gifts and lapel pins. and I now make pictures of floweers on a mesh backgraound to be framed. I am just finishing one for my sister and know full well that it will be passed on to children when we are with the Lord. Thank you so much for you talent that I can share for myself and for others.. I would love to send you a picture of my finished product. My sister plans to have it framed. All of my works are different according to my feel for the project and the person it going to and the colors in their life. God bless you. Peggy McNeil of Michigan

  66. Carly K says:

    These patterns are wonderful. You should make a pattern for my favorite flower, the daffodil 🙂

  67. carol o says:

    Thank You

  68. Marci says:

    If you begin posting more flowers on your site, I would love to se a plumeria. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations. You are an amazing artist.

  69. Yvonne Esman says:

    What a great fun I have to make the flowers on your site! It gives me energy en due to your flowers I have a lot of inspiration to make my own “europe country flowers profect” .

    Keep up the inspiration!

    Yvonne, The Netherlands

  70. i am trying to make all your flowers…it sure is fun making them…wish you could find the time to finish all 365. your crochet friend…shirley, bakersfield, california….USA……

  71. Josie Schoonderwoerd says:

    Hi Camelia, do allyour patterns use only American terminology (makes a huge difference to the finished project – I’m used to English/European so need to adjust stitch types accordingly). Just love all those beautiful flowers, so inspiring!!

  72. Ida Wilton says:

    this gal has talent to create these different designs and vivid colors I am loving it
    I am amazed my eyes light up like a christmas tree HER FLOWERS ARE THE BOMB

  73. Elaine Roxas says:

    Thank you for your beautiful flowers design your crochet friend from California USA

  74. Josie says:


  75. still waiting for the rest of the 365 flowers…i guess you have been very busy…

  76. Kathleen says:

    Absolutely amazing work. Beautiful

  77. Annette Cave says:

    Unbelievable! So much talent, thanks you for your gift to us!
    You ROCK Camelia!
    Annette, USA

  78. Charle Mead says:

    A crochet friend of mine recommended your site. You have the ONLY crocheted gerbera daisy pattern out there! Just made it and it is beautiful! Thank you for such wonderful patterns!

  79. LitlBits says:

    Can’t recall if I’ve commented before, but want to put my two cents worth in….your flowers are, indeed, the most unique I’ve seen on the internet. So many are so realistic they look just like the ‘real’ thing! you have incredible talent! And you are so generous to share so many of these patterns freely with us on the ‘net, Many of us just could not afford to buy these patterns if we had to pay for them. I’m sure you will be well-blessed for your generosity!
    Thank you! thank you! Blessings to you and your family!

  80. Tina says:

    Just came across your site, and WOW! you are AMAZING, LOVE your flowers. I have crochet & knitted for over 40 years and have never come across a clone stitch, would you be able to say how you make one for the flowers? Thanks for these awesome flower patterns, you absolutely ROCK>

  81. Sandra says:

    Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to get through your challenge. This is a treasure chest of ideas! If we can get the book in the US or a PDF download, I would buy it in a minute. Wow. Everyone else said it so well.

  82. Terry Oakley says:

    OMG… So happy I came upon this site. I love all of your flowers. I am in awe of your talent. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  83. brinda says:

    very nice crochet flower work thank you

  84. I love what you are doing here and the fact that you so generously share your patterns. Thank you 🙂

  85. Love the flowers, will get my crochet hooks out and colourful yarn and crochet up a flower bed or bouquet! Thanks for sharing… Jay x

  86. annamaria says:

    Mi piacciono moltissimo i tuoi fiori. Grazie per la condivisione. E’ stato un caso essermi imbattuta nel tuo sito. grazie ancora., Anna Maria Esposito

  87. michelle says:

    I’m looking for a snapdragon flower pattern. Do you have any I can use for my wedding bouquet?

  88. Helen says:

    came across your blog,while I was looking for a African violet pattern,they are all amazing thankyou,Helen in Canada

  89. SuZ says:

    I just discovered your site. Love it! I have been starting projects and not finishing them so decided to try patterns that could be easily completed in an hour or so. What an inspiration your patterns… And you!….. Are. Thanks soooo much for these beautiful patterns!

  90. cecilia larson says:

    You are very talented. I love your flower designs! Thank you for sharing.

  91. Sharvari Gaidhani says:

    Its just day before yestearday that I came to now about your site and the 365 Flower project. You are really AMAZING. Your flower patterns are really simple and can be made easily and quickly. Thank you for sharing these patterns. Will definitely try few of them.

  92. Phyllis Stuart says:

    I know I’m just repeating what has already been said but your beautiful flowers are amazing. I’m so grateful for talented designers, such as yourself, who are willing to share their gift freely. Thank you so much. I’m in awe of your talent & generosity. Keep up the gorgeous work.

  93. Angie says:

    You are truly an artist. I am absolutely stunned by the beauty and realism of your work. I’ve been crocheting all of my life, and everyone says, “That’s such an old lady thing!” Ha! I always try to be positive (not snarky) when I say, “You wouldn’t say that painting, playing the cello, or writing a novel is an old lady thing would you?” The needle arts are ARTS and you are one of the best artists I’ve seen in this medium. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. You are an inspiration.

  94. redloon says:

    I just have to say how very much I love your work and want to thank you for your generosity in sharing these amazing patterns with us for free. I, too, would like to say that I would buy a book of these patterns in a shot, and if you do ever decide to publish one do let me know at muna., I have recently discovered crocheting on rocks and am obsessed, you flowers have inspired me to do a collection with a flower on each rock. I wondered what to do about making leaves for some of the flowers.. will let you know how i get on. I should be able to make a serious start in November after I am back from my tour in Spain. Thanks once again.

  95. redloon says:

    redloon says:
    August 5, 2015 at 08:54
    I just have to say how very much I love your work and want to thank you for your generosity in sharing these amazing patterns with us for free. I, too, would like to say that I would buy a book of these patterns in a shot, and if you do ever decide to publish one do let me know at muna., I have recently discovered crocheting on rocks and am obsessed, you flowers have inspired me to do a collection with a flower on each rock. I wondered what to do about making leaves for some of the flowers.. will let you know how i get on. I should be able to make a serious start in November after I am back from my tour in Spain. Thanks once again.

  96. redloon says:

    Also, Are you still making flowers or is this project over?

  97. Glenda says:

    I love your flowers and tried to buy some patterns yesterday but could not. I am making my granddaughter’s wedding flowers and really would like to know how to order the patterns.

  98. shanti says:

    i have recently learned crochet and was doing a jacket , and was searching for flower for the jacket . and found this treasure of flowers . believe me kept d jacket aside and started with your flowers . i have severe rhuemotoid arthiritis , but finger pain does nt stop me from doing these flowers . must say great great inspiration . thanks a million . god bless you .

  99. Irene says:

    Thank you for the lovely patterns of flowers that you have prepared. They are absolutely divine!

  100. Lucy Kate Trotta says:

    I really like this site,you so talented and have inspired me to try your patterns. Thanks for sharing.

  101. jane says:

    Love the charming crochet flowers you have shared. Thank you.

  102. vieillemorue says:

    WOW *-* you are absolutely crazy and genious at the same time ! Thanks for sharing those patterns. I will soon make an hydrangea bouquet, and I was wondering if you would authorize me to translate your explanations into french on my site?

  103. Sue says:

    I have been crocheting for almost 50 years. I recently decided to crochet realistically looking flowers and fortunately, after searching the Web for hours and hours, I came across your blog. Your flower patterns are amazing and I am looking forward to making many of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  104. BluEwe says:

    I don’t know if you’ve already done it but, it would be nice to get these in a book or in booklets/pamphlets by month.

  105. Michele Williams says:

    Have you done a snapdragon? Or have a pattern for one?

  106. Rhonda Fliss says:

    Your work is amazing and I enjoy looking at all of them. I have tried to do a couple of patterns and I am having trouble following them. I am in the US. Is the terminology differing from your pattern terminology? Do you have a cheat sheet for translation or a resource for your style of crochet? Thank you,

  107. Jody Rice says:

    I am trying to find a crochet Lady Slipper pattern. By any chance do you have a crochet Lady Slipper pattern that you are able to share with me?

    thank you,
    Jody Rice

  108. Jennifer Reid says:

    You are amazing, I have just found this site and the flowers are so like the pictures. I also like how you give not only details about where the flowers come from but you also give information about the flower itself,which is lucky for me as now our garden is finished I find myself more and more interested in flowers and the names of them.

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